National Community Reinvestment Coalition The National Community Anti-Predatory Lending Comsumer Rescue Fund
National Community Reinvestmet Coalition | The National Community Anti-Preditory Lending Comsumer Rescue Fund
"…your labor is not in vain -- it gives and restores life to so many people. God bless you, the NCRC team!"

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For Participating Agencies

How NCRC's member organizations can contribute:

While consumers may refer themselves directly to the National Homeownership Sustainability Fund, NCRC supports member organizations in educating and counseling applicants first. Likewise, NCRC staff may request that a local member organization provide counseling services to an area consumer.

NCRC highly encourages default counseling to predatory lending victims in conjunction with ongoing financial education to prevent problematic situations from arising in the future. Member organizations “originate” initial forms and documents as needed for evaluation and assist in the follow-up of missing or excluded information. NCRC provides assistance to member organizations advocating for consumers’ rights and responsibilities. This helps enrich communities as a whole. NCRC supports long-term solutions that provide resources, knowledge, skills and opportunities to wealth in underserved communities.

To learn more about becoming a participating agency, or to receive training on helping consumers through the National Homeownership Sustainability Fund, contact NCRC.


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