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NHSF PRogram

The Homeownership Sustainability Fund addresses foreclosure prevention through the following services:

  • Provides default and foreclosure counseling and financial education
  • Intervenes with lenders or servicers to restructure loans; modifications may include eliminating abusive note terms, reducing of interest rates, and securing a delay or stay in foreclosure proceedings
  • Mitigates inflated appraisals by lowering outstanding principle amounts
  • Offers affordable refinancing options with low interest, no points and no fees
  • Assists member organizations in private enforcement of consumer rights

Through the National Homeownership Sustainability Fund (NHSF), NCRC works with consumers who have obtained problematic mortgages. NCRC's member groups and their communities are encouraged to tap into this program. The NHSF identifies consumers who are in “high risk,” problematic mortgages. We also assist those who have made good faith efforts to pay their loans but are unable to do so due to a permanent change in circumstances.

Refinancing services are currently available in the states of: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas and Wisconsin.

History of the NHSF

A father and son working together on a project.NCRC and over 30 participating member organizations in Arizona, Ohio and New York launched the NHSF initiative in October 2001 to help victims of predatory loans or individuals at risk of foreclosure. Today, the NHSF serves consumers across the nation. With the help of NCRC member organizations who educate their communities about predatory lending, economic justice can become a reality. To date, over thousands of consumers have been helped through the NHSF's alternative dispute resolution, mediation, consumer counseling and financial education. Through this initiative, NCRC and its members are helping to stop mortgage lending abuses, stave off foreclosures and give victims a fresh start while keeping them in their homes. nhsf sends a message of hope to those who have lost equity, security and pride—while identifying new tricks by predators and preparing the ground for legal action against them.

Qualifying consumers will be provided assistance free of charge. Keeping a homeowner in his or her home is of utmost importance to NCRC, its partners, and members. The NHSF is designed to have both a short- and a long-term benefit to the homeowner.


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