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The following charts provide a state-by-state breakdown of how the Government Sponsored Enterprises' affordable housing goals benefit the entire country. The charts are available for each state as well as in an aggregated document.

The issue of housing finance reform is heating up in Congress. This issue has broad and lasting implications for the future of the middle class and economic opportunity in America. NCRC is committed to ensuring that housing finance reform results in a system that provides access to conventional loans for the full spectrum of creditworthy borrowers, as well as affordable rental housing.

Join us as we advocate for fair access for all communities in housing finance reform!

Please see below for NCRC resources:

NCRC Policy Pieces:

Affordable Housing Goals Charts: State-by-State Benefits of the Affordable Housing Goals

Johnson-Crapo Housing Finance Reform Legislation: Access Concerns and Solutions (One-Pager)

A Guarantee for the Guarantee: Two Proposals to Ensure that the Future Secondary Mortgage Market Serves All Creditworthy Borrowers

Issue Brief: An Analysis of the Corker-Warner GSE Reform Bill and Its Implications for Affordable Housing Finance 

NCRC Letters:

Comment Letter on FHFA Proposed Enterprise Housing Goals

Letter from National Groups Calling on Senate Majority Leader Reid to Hold off Floor Vote on Johnson-Crapo

Letter to Senate Banking Leadership Expressing Concern About Johnson-Crapo Bill

NCRC Press Statements:

National Groups Call on Senate Majority Leader Reid to Hold off Floor Vote on Johnson-Crapo

NCRC Statement on Johnson-Crapo Housing Finance Reform Committee Vote

NCRC Statement on FHFA Director Mel Watt’s Remarks at the Brookings Institution

Hundreds of Community Groups Send Letter to Senate Banking Committee Leadership Expressing Concern About Johnson-Crapo Bill

NCRC Statement on the Release of the Johnson-Crapo Housing Finance Reform Bill

NCRC Statement on Johnson and Crapo Agreement on Housing Finance Reform 

NCRC to Host GSE and Housing Finance Reform Forum 

NCRC Releases GSE Reform Access White Paper  

NCRC Applauds Senator Reid's Remarks on GSE Reform 

NCRC Statement on President Obama's Arizona Housing Address  

NCRC Op-Eds: 

Housing Finance Reform Should Now Focus on Fixing and Preserving Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Access to Credit Is Key in GSE Reform 

Go Back to the Drawing Board on GSE Reform 

As Americans Struggle to Climb Economic Ladder, Corker-Warner GSE Reform Effort Falls Badly Short 


NCRC Forum on Housing Finance Reform, January 31, 2014

Background on Local Responsible Banking Ordinances

Local responsible banking ordinances are laws designed to ensure responsible loans, investments, and services for modest-income and minority neighborhoods. The ordinances require an evaluation of financial institution performance in serving modest-income and minority neighborhoods as part of the criteria for deciding which institutions receive municipal deposits and other city business.

The following resources are designed to aid and empower organizers, advocates and officials seeking to get responsible banking ordinances passed in their cities and localities.

NCRC Model Local Responsible Banking Ordinance

The NCRC model responsible banking ordinance is designed to increase the amount of responsible loans, investments, and financial services in minority and low- and moderate-income communities and to older adults through heightened public accountability to municipalities and their residents. NCRC encourages the sharing and reproduction of this document, with credit given to NCRC.


Summary of Local Responsible Banking Ordinances

This document contains a factsheet and spreadsheet summarizing the features of existing ordinances and proposed ordinances in various cities.


ANHD Convening Report: Keeping Banks Accountable to Our Communities 

The convening report captures the results of a 2011 meeting sponsored by the Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development (ANHD) and NCRC. The meeting brought together advocates, organizers, and local leaders for a daylong meeting on responsible banking ordinances. The report describes strategies and best practices for building support for the ordinances.