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Office Space for Lease

The Center for Economic Justice has office space for rent in downtown Washington, DC.

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Reinvestment Works

Reinvestment Works

NCRC was honored to be selected by HUD to conduct this National Education and Outreach Initiative across the country to discuss the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) obligation and promote inclusive communities for local and state housing and community development, public housing, economic development, planning, and transportation staff; many of whom had never received any previous fair housing training.

To date, NCRC has successfully conducted nine (9) two-day colloquies for 392 public and private housing and community development professionals from local and statewide offices and agencies.  These trainings took place in Los Angeles, CA, Washington, DC, Brooklyn, NY, Chicago, IL, Denver, CO, Charleston, SC, Orlando, FL, Cleveland, OH and Austin, TX.  Overall, participants’ evaluations reflected great appreciation for the instructors’ expertise and quality of the presentations.  Additionally, attendees expressed that they were pleased to have the opportunity to discuss and participate in exercises that expanded their knowledge about this little known civil rights requirement.

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