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Research and publications

The National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) provides tools and resources for organizations and policymakers seeking to understand how financial services impact communities nationwide.

Resources and topics addressed include: the Community Reinvestment Act, the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, predatory and abusive lending, foreclosure, neighborhood stabilization and lending disparities.

Pro Bono Data Analysis
NCRC provides data services for its members. These analyses describe overall home and small business lending trends on the state, local and neighborhood level.

Public Sector Consulting
NCRC has conducted numerous in-depth studies for public sector clients, including Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Appalachia Regional Commission, the City of Philadelphia, and other cities.

Contact the research department today to find our more: 202-628-8866.

Letter to Federal Housing Finance Agency on Affordable Housing Goals
(PDF Download

Letter on the Common Securitization Platform and Guarantee Fees
(PDF Download

Letter to Leaders of the U.S. House and Senate Opposing Policy Riders on the Year-End Spending Bill
(PDF Download

Home Mortgage and Small Business Lending in Baltimore and Surrounding Areas
(Download PDF) 

This report, Home Mortgage and Small Business Lending in Baltimore and Surrounding Areas, details lenders' abandonment of neighborhoods in Baltimore based upon the race of members of those neighborhoods and the preferences of lenders for white borrowers and majority white neighborhoods. Using maps, statistical analyses, and public data, NCRC presents an alarming picture of Baltimore. 

Key findings of the report:

· There are very different patterns of lending in Baltimore City and the surrounding counties, with disinvestment in most of the city and affluence in the suburbs.

· In Baltimore City, race matters most in mortgage lending. Lending is greater in neighborhoods with larger white than African American populations, and there are tremendous disparities in home lending for African American and white residents.

· In the surrounding suburban counties, economic factors are the most useful in predicting home purchase lending activity.

· It is very difficult for borrowers of any income to be approved for mortgage loans in Baltimore City, where low- to moderate-income (LMI) census tracts are the majority. An LMI applicant is more likely to receive a mortgage loan in wealthier neighborhoods in Baltimore County.

Protecting Duties to Serve and Responsible Next Steps for Reforming the Secondary Mortgage Market
(PDF Download)

Letter to President Obama Regarding the Government-Sponsored Enterprises from LULAC, NAACP and NCRC
(Download PDF)


NCRC Letter in Support of the Women's Small Business Act of 2015

Comment Letter on Proposed Revisions to Application for FHA Insured Mortgage

Download the letter      


Letter asking U.S. Senators to Press CFPB on Small Business Loan Data

Download the letter     


Letter Calling on Members of Congress to Vote No on Amendments Undermining
Fair Housing Enforcement
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