Our vision
and values

Our vision

To solve America’s historic racial and socio-economic wealth, income and opportunity divides. This vision is the foundation of the Just Economy Pledge.

Our mission

Make a Just Economy a national priority and a local reality.

What we do

We’re a coalition of organizations and individuals dedicated to creating a nation that not only promises but delivers opportunities for all Americans to build wealth and live well.

We work with community leaders, policymakers and institutions to advance solutions and build the will to address America’s persistent racial and wealth inequality.

We work to strengthen low-wealth communities, including people of color and low- and moderate-income people.

We train, support and represent community organizations, building a capable and powerful member coalition.

We advance equitable opportunities to build community and personal wealth through access to credit, capital, careers, investment and ownership.

We advise, incubate and invest in enterprises that expand economic mobility and strengthen communities of historic disinvestment.

We organize, investigate and hold accountable public and private institutions to address community needs.

Our research, media, and advocacy inform local leaders, policymakers, and the private sector on how to make a Just Economy a national priority and a local reality.

Our guiding values


All people are created with equal rights, dignity, and potential. We aim to dismantle systemic racism and its effects on people’s economic well-being. A Just Economy requires equity.


Everyone should have a shot at reaching their full potential, to grow into thriving human beings and to provide for themselves and their families. A Just Economy requires opportunity.


We are stronger together, and we are accountable to each other. Justice is a team activity and it requires people of diverse backgrounds working together in an inclusive way. A Just Economy requires community.


People deserve to be treated equitably, free of discrimination and with dignity.  The problems of our past and present require restitution, and the problems of our future require equitable treatment. A Just Economy requires fairness.

Persistence & insistence

The problems we face have been hundreds of years in the making. Our efforts to create a more just world require perseverance, boldness and a strong will. A Just Economy requires persistence and insistence.

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