Developing radical goals for Black homeownership and access to affordable housing

Over the last 50 years, there has been little bridging of the Black/White homeownership divide. During this time of higher interest rates and a higher cost of housing, what can be done to significantly advance Black homeownership and access to affordable housing? We heard from a panel of experts on the type of radical changes needed and practical ways to move us in that direction.

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40 Groups Urge FDIC To Downgrade TAB Bank

(Download) June 30, 2022 Janet R. Kincaid Deputy Regional Director Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 25 Jessie Street at Ecker Square, Suite 2300 San Francisco, CA 94105 RE: Community Reinvestment Exam for TAB Bank Honorable Deputy Regional Director Kincaid: The National Community Reinvestment Coalition and the undersigned groups believe that the practices discussed in this comment

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Advancing racial equity through infrastructure

This panel discussed the ways in which the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law ushers forward an era of promise for advancing equity through infrastructure programs to reconnect communities divided by transportation infrastructure, ensure clean drinking water and create employment pipelines to further economic prosperity in historically marginalized communities of color.

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Resolution To Protect The Community Reinvestment Act – To Ensure That Efforts To Modernize Regulations Do Not Undermine The Intent Of The Law

The following sample resolution provides the history, purpose, and some of the basic functions of CRA and includes the key principles that are critical to preserve in the on-going regulatory reform effort by the nation’s bank regulators. This template is a start and can be adapted by non-profits, localities, state legislatures and other governing bodies moved for immediate adoption. It should

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2022 Just Economy Conference’s Advocacy Week

Nearly 200 members from 36 state delegations, including DC, took our Just Economy message to Capitol Hill for more than 120 virtual meetings with Members of Congress, two of the three federal CRA regulators, and the CFPB. Leading up to Advocacy Week, NCRC had dozens of meetings with state leads and their delegations, two Advocacy Week prep calls with participants,

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NCRC, Innovation Council Call For CFPB To Clarify Lender Demographic Data Guidance

The National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) and a majority of its Innovation Council for Financial Inclusion (IC) called on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to clarify how lenders can request and use customer demographic data including race. Such clarity would help lenders to self-test for fair lending by soliciting such data. Federal fair lending

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Statement on the Need for An Interpretive Rule Concerning the Solicitation of Demographic Data for the Purposes of Fair Lending Self-Testing

(Download) June 22, 2022 We are a group of fintechs and consumer advocates who share a common interest in making the credit system fairer for historically underserved consumers. On June 29, 2021, the National Community Reinvestment Coalition and Affirm, Lending Club, Oportun, PayPal, Square (now “Block”), and Varo provided a joint statement to the Consumer

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Corporate Responsibility featured

Corporate responsibility: Equity in philanthropy and investments

NCRC Just Economy Conference 2022 —   Recorded June 13, 2022 NCRC Racial Economic Equity Director Joshua Devine, JPMorgan Chase’s Daniel Okonkwo and Citi Bank’s Ariel Meyerstein discussed recent efforts to improve, expand and better target corporate philanthropic investments to communities of color and ensure that ground-level resources are being routed through organizations led by people of color.

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SBA Administrator Isabel Guzman Speaks at The 2022 Just Economy Conference

Moderator: Catherine “Katy” Crosby , NCRC Chairperson Speakers: Isabel Guzman Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Transcript: NCRC video transcripts are produced by a third-party transcription service and may contain errors. They are lightly edited for style and clarity. Crosby 00:00 We do have some good news. What we’re going to hear instead from

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Fireside chat

NCRC Fireside Chat with Lael Brainard and Michael Hsu

NCRC Just Economy Conference 2022 —   Recorded June 13, 2022 The National Community Reinvestment Coalition’s President and CEO Jesse Van Tol held a virtual “fireside” chat with Vice Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Lael Brainard and Acting Comptroller of the Currency Michael Hsu to discuss the notice of proposed

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    Redlining and Neighborhood Health

    Before the pandemic devastated minority communities, banks and government officials starved them of capital.

    Lower-income and minority neighborhoods that were intentionally cut off from lending and investment decades ago today suffer not only from reduced wealth and greater poverty, but from lower life expectancy and higher prevalence of chronic diseases that are risk factors for poor outcomes from COVID-19, a new study shows.

    The new study, from the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) with researchers from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health and the University of Richmond’s Digital Scholarship Lab, compared 1930’s maps of government-sanctioned lending discrimination zones with current census and public health data.

    Table of Content

    • Executive Summary
    • Introduction
    • Redlining, the HOLC Maps and Segregation
    • Segregation, Public Health and COVID-19
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Discussion
    • Conclusion and Policy Recommendations
    • Citations
    • Appendix

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