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Group Counseling Session: Leveraging Media For Business Growth

Join NCRC's Community Development Fund to discover how to harness the power of media to fuel business growth. From traditional to digital media channels, learn strategies for creating compelling content, engaging with your audience, and maximizing your media presence to expand your brand reach and drive business growth.Come ready to immerse yourself in an interactive […]

Purpose-Driven Success: Uncovering Your Why for Professional and Personal Growth

Instructor: Dr. Christi Monk Join NCRC's National Training Academy (NTA) for this training where participants will embark on a journey to discover their "why"—the core reason that drives their actions and decisions. Understanding your why is crucial for finding purpose and achieving true fulfillment in both personal and professional realms. This session will provide insights, […]

NCRC CDF’s Navigating Business Financing Webinar Series: Session 6: Financial Planning and Management for Long-Term Success

Join NCRC CDF for this webinar as we delve into the pivotal aspects of financial planning that extend beyond mere loan applications. Gain insights into the significance of long-term financial planning for your business, discover effective budgeting and saving strategies, and learn to strategically manage your business's cash flow for sustained growth. Don't miss out […]

Partnering For Stronger Communities Series: Working With Community Development For Healthier Neighborhoods

Join NCRC’s National Training Academy (NTA) for a webinar exploring the critical intersecting roles that health systems and community development play in creating healthier communities. As the healthcare sector puts increased focus on meeting health-related social needs, it's increasingly important to understand how community-based organizations are positioned to create win-win opportunities for your institution, your […]

NCRC CDF Series II: Session 4: Investing for Growth: Smart Financial Decisions

Join NCRC's Community Development Fund as we guide you through making informed financial decisions to drive sustained business growth. Explore investment opportunities, risk assessment, and how to align financial decisions with your long-term goals. Register for this insightful webinar to position your business for continuous success post-funding.

NCRC CDF Series II: Session 5: Building a Resilient Financial Infrastructure

Join NCRC CDF for session 5 in the series, "Strategic Financial Management Beyond Funding." As your business evolves, it's crucial to have a resilient financial infrastructure. Join NCRC's Community Development Fund as we cover risk mitigation, financial contingency planning, and the tools needed to weather economic uncertainties.

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