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Chicago Crusader: Report: Public Housing Authorities Can Play A Role In Reducing The Racial Homeownership Gap

A report released recently draws attention to an under-utilized program that, if scaled up, could meet tremendous demand for greater homeownership opportunities and begin to repair the damage of racist policies that have created housing inequity for decades. The report, authored by the Chicago Area Fair Housing Alliance (CAFHA), draws on interviews, surveys, and administrative records focused on the relatively unknown public housing authority homeownership program that is embedded within the better-known housing choice voucher (formerly known as Section 8) program.

Protocol: Robinhood’s Secret Weapon Could Also Be Its Undoing

“We cannot stand by and allow algorithms to resurrect old biases in new packages, or introduce new forms of discrimination hidden in proprietary code.” —National Community Reinvestment Coalition CEO Jesse Van Tol, joining fintechs PayPal, Square and others in a call for more guidance on how AI should be used in lending.

Star Tribune: Digital banking at U.S. Bank sped up during pandemic

Last year, the advocacy group National Community Reinvestment Coalition raised concerns about this trend after tallying up more than 13,000 closures, or 14% of all branches, between 2008 and 2020. It issued a report that noted that such closures often disproportionately impact rural, low-income, and minority communities where few branches might have existed in the first place.

Daily Trojan: Local business struggles due to losses from pandemic

Director of Fair Lending at National Community Reinvestment Coalition Anneliese Lederer said that there were certain barriers that caused the PPP loan disparity, including a lack of existing relationships with banks, banks discouraging Black and Latinx people from applying for loans, inequality in outreach and an initial rule that did not allow people with criminal records or who had defaulted on student loans to benefit from the PPP program.