Advocating for transparency: Small business lending disclosures legislation

This session will give an overview of how California State Senate Bill 1235 was introduced (including brief Small Business Borrowers’ Bill of Rights (BBoR) history) and detail the process by which its supporters were able to get the bill passed. SB 1235 represents the first-ever Truth In Lending Act (TILA) disclosure for small-business financing in the nation. We’ll discuss how BBoR was used as a model for the legislation, tactics for engaging legislators, the coalition building process, challenges and opposition from industry; how we leveraged different players including the governor’s office, social justice organizations, business organizations and both political parties; and key success factors, lessons learned and future plans.

Joyce Klein, Director, The Aspen Institute, FIELD, Washington, DC

Heidi Pickman, Associate Director, CAMEO, San Francisco, CA
Gabriel Villarreal, Policy Advocate, Opportunity Fund, San Francisco, CA
Louis Caditz-Peck, Director of Public Policy, Lending Club, San Francisco, CA
Renee Johnson, Director of Government Affairs, Small Business Majority, Washington, DC

Gabriel Villarreal
Gabriel Villarreal – RBLC SB TILA NCRC Presentation.pptx

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