Disaster recovery triage: Assess, plan, execute

In the aftermath of a devastating event, what does community-focused rebuilding look like? Disaster recovery continues to be an important topic for our members as communities work conscientiously to redevelop after a disaster. Financial institutions have coordinated recovery efforts with community organizations, and the need to develop a model of disaster management and recovery persists. What does a staged recovery plan look like that triages the immediate needs but also transitions to thoughtful development? Hear from professionals who have managed disaster recovery challenges and developed solutions to respond to this immediate need.

Virginia Holman, Housing Specialist, HUD- Office of Housing Counseling, Richmond, VA

Vann Joines, Project Manager, Gulf Coast Housing Partnership, Inc., New Orleans, LA
Howard A. Kunst, Chief Actuary, Science & Analytics, CoreLogic, Irvine, CA
Chris Estes, Senior Vice President of Business Strategy, Rebuilding Together, Washington, DC

Virginia Holman
Jasmine Brewer – Disaster Mgmt_Holman_DART Overview NCRC.pptx

Howard A. Kunst
Jasmine Brewer – Kunst_Disaster Assessment_NCRC.ppt

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