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Effective Nonprofit Leadership

February 22, 2023 , 2:00 pm EST 3:30 pm EST

Instructor: Pamelia Harris

Let’s face it, leading a nonprofit organization can be a challenging job. Assessing organizational performance while simultaneously tackling your service area’s toughest challenges, staying abreast of political and economic changes and juggling org chart relationships might become quite overwhelming without the proper tools. Leading organizations in today’s changing climate may challenge even the most seasoned non-profit executive. This webinar will provide an overview of strategies to help nonprofit leaders become adaptive change agents and better steer their organizations through changing environments while maintaining positive agency culture.

Webinar topics of discussion and strategies to hone effective leadership skills include:

  • Explore methods to improve relationships between the board of directors and the boots on the ground executives responsible for leading the daily operations of the organization
  • Understand ways to utilize the connectivity between your organization, community and current societal changes to increase impact in delivery of services and goodwill of the agency.
  • Learn to structure and ask great questions to get the right information for quality decision making while increasing effective upward and downward communication.
  • Examine methods to achieve and maintain the balance of monetizing the work while keeping excitement and passion
  • Discover effective negotiating on behalf of the nonprofit as well as tips on delivering “difficult news” without negatively impacting organization culture.
  • Understand how mentorship from seasoned leaders can decrease stress and help leaders avoid unnecessary pitfalls
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