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Greenlining’s Just Futures Summit

October 19, 2023 , 1:00 pm EDT 9:00 pm EDT

NCRC’s Senior CRA Analyst Catherine Petrusz and Senior Policy Advisor Kevin Hill will be speaking on separate panels for The Greenlining Institute’s Just Futures Summit in Oakland on October 19-20. Both of their panels are on the 19.

This is an in-person event.

Kevin Hill will be speaking on “Bluelining”: The Latest Frontier of Climate Financial Discrimination:

“Bluelining” is the latest frontier of financial discrimination. As financial institutions rightfully begin to consider climate-related risk in their decision-making and activities, there is already evidence that the cost of insurance, credit, and banking services in climate vulnerable communities is beginning to be withdrawn. This session will examine this practice of bluelining and its relationship to past redlining practices and what we see occurring in climate vulnerable communities today. The session will conclude with recommendations for financial regulators and policy makers to take action to ensure equitable access to financial services.

Catherin Petrusz will be speaking on Making Equity Real: How Banks Can Move Beyond Commitments to Create Change in Communities of Color: 

This interactive session will address what’s missing in the racial equity commitments that many banks made in 2020, and how they can play a meaningful role in creating a more just economy. In the midst of increased bank consolidation and recent regional bank collapses, we must demand accountability from banks through community-based commitments to increase investments in communities of color. Our speakers will show how to apply the Greenlining racial equity framework to bank commitments, provide resources for developing their own community benefit agreements with banks and answer the question: what must a bank prioritize and commit to in order to make equity real? In addition, we will highlight the impacts of community benefit agreements we’ve negotiated which have made better considerations for addressing racial equity (such as negotiating with community, having measurable goals, being specific, naming shortcomings, reparations, etc).

Learn more: Just Futures Summit

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