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HUD Exam Preparation Part II: The HUD Training Updates

March 7, 2023 , 2:00 pm EST 3:30 pm EST

Manufactured housing is becoming a popular way to achieve homeownership for low- and moderate-income buyers. HUD expects counselors to relay this information to customers, ensuring they know the rules pertaining to this housing option. There are significant changes to the 2023 HUD Housing Counselor Study Guide, including new material on manufactured housing and so much more. How much do you know about manufactured housing? Do you feel prepared to counsel a family through the purchase of a mobile or modular home? Here is the training you’ve been waiting for to get up to speed on HUD’s expectations for your manufactured housing expertise.

To provide housing counseling services in HUD Programs, housing counselors must be certified by HUD by passing a written examination – The HUD Housing Counselor Certification Examination. This year, HUD provided updates to all six modules and adjusted material in every one of the 15 sub-modules. The most significant addition is information on manufactured housing – factors to consider in pre-purchase, post-purchase and foreclosure prevention activities.

HUD expects existing certified housing counselors to stay up to date on new material that is added to the study guide, so this is a great webinar for seasoned and new counselors alike.

This follow-up course to Updates w/ Jerrold H. Mayer takes a deeper look at what you’ll need to know for the HUD exam. Join Sue from NCRC as we review the revisions, edits, resource and link updates that have been provided on the HUD Housing Counselor website. We will also run through a quick overview of the six housing counseling topics we all must know to do our great work every day.

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