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Improving Programs & Services Delivery for Nonprofits

March 1, 2023 , 12:00 pm EST March 2, 2023 , 4:00 pm EST

Instructor: Pamelia Harris

Today, nonprofit practitioners encounter what seems like ever-increasing challenges as they seek to deliver innovative quality program activities to their service area and meet partners’ expectations. Also, it is critical agency leaders develop cohesive agency work plans with mission-aligned programs to truly address the needs of the ever-changing diverse communities they serve.

During this course, we will also explore methods to assess community needs and incorporate insight and perspective from a broad spectrum of the community that may be used to enhance capacity, funding, and productivity.

On occasion, even high-performing managers and practitioners may receive less than a warm response while presenting new concepts or programs to stakeholders or the community at large. During this two-day course, we will study energizing leaders and stakeholders, various avenues of service delivery and tips to incorporate collaborative planning and presentation skills to overcome these challenges.

Course Goals:

To increase the capacity of nonprofits and expand their community investment by providing leadership and staff with technical skills necessary to develop sustainable programs to address needs in their service area.


During this course participants should master the following:

  • Interpreting community needs assessments and matching needs to available resources
  • Understanding how increasing diversity, equity and inclusion can positively impact program outcomes
  • Collaborating with local stakeholders to glean insight and promote equity in agency programs
  • Mastering techniques to engage a broad group of community stakeholders in remote settings
  • Gaining knowledge of governmental and privately funded programs
  • Understanding standard policies and requirements and how response policies may impact them
  • Developing sustainable programmatic deliverables to maximize resources to address community need
  • Creating an effective problem statement and developing programs to address the problem
  • Preparing applications, using the Request for Proposals Toolbox and other proven tools and techniques to develop/deliver successful and sustainable programs
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