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Partnering For Stronger Communities Series: Working With Community Development For Healthier Neighborhoods

July 16 , 5:00 pm EDT 6:00 pm EDT

Join NCRC’s National Training Academy (NTA) for a webinar exploring the critical intersecting roles that health systems and community development play in creating healthier communities. As the healthcare sector puts increased focus on meeting health-related social needs, it’s increasingly important to understand how community-based organizations are positioned to create win-win opportunities for your institution, your patients, and the community as a whole. This class helps you build a strong foundational understanding of the shared priorities between these systems, with a focus on bridging the language divide between clinical care, public health, and community & economic development with specific examples of where and why these overlapping priorities occur.

NCRC’s Director of Health Equity and Impact Devin Thompson will look into how community-based projects move from ideation to reality and why these projects are more complex than other forms of development. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of how to learn the community’s development priorities that impact your patients’ health and find resource providers that are already trusted by the communities they serve. 

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