Everybody under one roof: Multigenerational housing

The rise of multigenerational families is creating an emerging demand across the country for housing that meets the needs of all ages and abilities due to rent burdens, aging parents with older housing stock, health concerns, caregiving, wage stagnation and cultural norms. Communities are juggling the need to renovate traditional housing units while maintaining affordability for a rise in multigenerational families. This session will also highlight apartments exclusively designed for grandparents raising grandchildren, as well as move to lessen restrictions on Accessory Dwelling Units that facilitate affordable housing and meet family preferences.

Jaia Lent, Deputy Executive Director, Generations United, Washington, DC

Jamarl Clark, Grandfamily Community Life Program Manager-Plaza West, Mission First Housing, Washington, DC
Lauren Nolan, Research Director, Woodstock Institute, Chicago, IL
Anna Scallet, Housing & Development Project Manager, Department of Housing and Community Development, District of Columbia, Washington, DC

Anna Scallet
Anna Scallet – Multigenerational Housing – updated DHCD Presentation for NCRC

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