Health equity and anchor institutions

Hospital systems, like banks and financial institutions, must invest in communities. With strong motivation from the Affordable Care Act, more hospital systems are collaborating successfully with community-based organizations to make long-lasting progress towards health equity. This session dives into the ways community groups can partner, conduct assessments, build community support and launch task forces to ultimately collaborate with hospital anchor institutions.

Courtney Hodapp, Head of the Office of Nonprofit Engagement, JPMorgan Chase, Washington, DC

Kendra Smith, Director, Social Determinants of Health, ProMedica, Toledo, OH
Rev. Dr. Terrence Keeling, President/CEO, Central Baptist Community Development Corporation, Wilmington, DE
Tanya Edelin, Director, Community Health Strategy and Operations, Kaiser Permanente, Rockville, MD

Kendra Smith
Kendra Smith – NCRC Conference 3.19-ProMedica

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