Jamie Buell

Racial Economic Equity Coordinator
jbuell@ncrc.org 202.792.1281

Jamie Buell has been working with NCRC since January 2020. Growing up in Los Angeles, Jamie has been familiar with America’s economic inequality and how race worsened the wealth gap from a young age. Her multiracial upbringing melded together the differing realities of wealth and financial health among White Americans and minority groups. Jamie obtained a bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Civic Engagement from UCLA, which developed a deep understanding of the history and theoretical frameworks that have allowed for the U.S.’s pervasive and disparate racial wealth divide. Jamie is a strong believer that racial justice cannot happen without economic justice, and liberation of all working class people cannot happen without first the liberation of Black and Brown people. Aside from working with NCRC’s Racial Economic Equity, Jamie is passionate about local mutual aid efforts and local politics in the Los Angeles area, where she resides. In her free time, Jamie finds herself drawing, reading in the park or cooking a hearty vegan meal to unwind!

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