Shifting neighborhoods: Gentrification and cultural displacement in American cities

We will discuss where we see gentrification and racial displacement taking place, factors that are used to identify gentrification and how it both revitalizes and threatens communities. Unfortunately, gentrification and displacement often go hand and hand. But it doesn’t have to. Communities can revive and spark an influx of new residents, while preserving affordable housing options for the people who grew up there. Policy ideas, examples and solutions will be discussed for members to take home and discuss with their communities.

Jason Richardson, Director of Research, NCRC, Washington, DC

Shekinah Mitchell, Neighborhood Partnerships Manager, Virginia Local Initiatives Support Corporation, Richmond, VA
Dr. Sabiyha Prince, Coordinator, Membership and Political Education, Empower DC, Washington, DC
Bruce Mitchell, Senior Researcher, NCRC, Washington, DC
Beth McConnell, Policy Director, Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations, Philadelphia, PA
Cat Goughnour,  Founder/Principal, Radix Consulting, Portland, OR

Shekinah Mitchell
Shekinah Mitchell – NCRC Presentation – Gentrification Panel (Richmond, Virginia)

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