Small Business Trends: A Different Kind of Lender Can Get You the Loan You NeedSmall Business

Small Business Trends, December 26, 2022, A Different Kind of Lender Can Get You the Loan You Need

On The Small Business Radio Show this week, Eleni Delimpaltadaki Janis founded Equivico at the nexus of smart investments and social justice. Her organization provides loans for small businesses starting at 2.5%. She believes that social equity and economic inclusion is a lens for uncovering profits for investors and growth for the economy.

When Eleni co-founded Equivico at the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, she sought to build a company that is situated at the intersection of smart, scalable investments and social justice. As an investment professional, she draws on her experience in government, economic development and market research, to invest profitably in businesses, assets and projects that benefit households, societies and investors alike. Eleni believes that the only way forward is through community and diversity: bringing together diversity of people, thought, disciplines and truly mixing together different parts to create new outcomes.

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