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Disaster Preparation for Practitioners

September 5, 2023 , 2:00 pm EDT 3:30 pm EDT

Instructor: Pamelia Harris

Join NCRC’s National Training Academy (NTA) for this training on disaster preparation.

Disasters like hurricanes may be expected events with days of warning to allow communities to prepare for impact. However, recent disasters in the news such as wildfires, earthquakes and chemical spills have highlighted the role housing counselors may play in helping residents in their community prepare for disaster. NCRC has developed a step-by-step guide that outlines critical key steps that nonprofit practitioners should take to help their communities mitigate damage and avoid stress.

During this webinar, participants will have the opportunity to review the Guide and explore tools practitioners may utilize to assist clients as they prepare their families for disaster and navigate through the aftermath. We will also help nonprofit staff understand how they can participate as their agency develops and implements the appropriate plans and policies, to avoid risk to its valuable assets and resources.We know practitioners can best support their communities in disaster preparedness and recovery when they are prepared themselves. Take this opportunity to gain knowledge about disaster preparedness.

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