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Capacity Building Series: End of Year Steps to Help Nonprofits Finish Strong

August 29, 2023 , 2:00 pm EDT 3:30 pm EDT

Instructor: Pamelia Harris

Is your team a 4th quarter team?  Great teams know what they must to finish the end of the game strong in order to win. As we approach the last quarter of our agency’s year, we look forward to helping lead our team to a successful year end close-out.

In the nonprofit world, the end of the year is often the busiest time of the year, jam packed with end of year appeals, busy social calendars and vacation requests for nonprofit organizations. It’s also a time when grant performance periods, and next year’s budgets are due to the Chief Finance Officer. 

Getting your ducks organized and, in a row, now will help you avoid the stress of a last minute push in December. This webinar will equip participants with strategies and tools to utilize during this essential time to make sure your organization’s affairs and finances are in order. 

Make sure your organization is prepared to finish up the year strong by making all the right moves in the fourth quarter.

Nonprofit leaders have a lot of questions when it comes to risk management; What are risks that nonprofits may need to consider? Has the economic climate and other events restructured resources, services or the way the agency delivers services?  What tools are available to help identify, assess and prevent unnecessary risks to the organization?  Managing risk is more involved than securing a liability insurance policy and creating a handbook. Understanding that risks vary for each nonprofit based on location and activities; sustainable best practices to risk management differ and require teamwork from managers, staff and board members. What are risks that nonprofits may need to consider?

In this webinar, we will explore types of risk that could negatively impact organizations, how to perform an assessment to determine those risks, and how to address the risk. We will also review tools that will help organizational leadership assess risk and review current coverages that may need to be increased.

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