In Solidarity Against Economic Inequality

Washington, DC – Following hundreds of arrests of people with the Occupy Wall Street movement this morning, the National Community Reinvestment Coalition today issued this statement:

“Today, hundreds of people were arrested as they protested the sins of Wall Street and supported economic equality. This is more people than have or likely ever will be arrested for crimes during the financial crisis, though it caused millions of lost jobs and homes. This is a perversion of liberty and justice. But the New York City government cannot arrest the spirit of liberty, nor justice. They cannot take away the vision of a better America that animates the Occupy movement. The arc of liberty and justice may be long, but it moves forward. It is pushed forward by people taking a principled stand for an America in which fairness, opportunity and equality for all are a reality, not just empty words spoken by politicians,” said John Taylor, President & CEO of the National Community Reinvestment Coalition.

“I think those who believe that this issue of economic fairness will disappear because they shut down the locus of the protest will be sorely disappointed. The inequality in our economic system is on the lips of all Americans and this discussion will not subside until jobs, wages, housing and other economic issues are addressed,” said Taylor.

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