Comp / Fair Housing Training

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1 thought on “Comp / Fair Housing Training”

  1. I am disabled but not physically so you probably would not notice.
    I worked for World Savings for ten years and loved it.
    In 97 World savings was purchased by Wachovia and they just wanted kids in paying 2K month and after 6 mos of being treat like a dog and used as a scapegoat I eventually got wrongfully terminated. I nearly had a heart attack and have been on very heavy medication since?
    I has a 2nd home and the mortgage was with wachovia who done cash for keys – then had some strange attorney tell me to go and get my staging equipment which was worth appx $35k. So I got a call from that attorney to tell me to get my items out and after the third run to the storage unit the sirens go off and they have me arrested for grand theft? The DA refused Wachovia 3 times they were wrong and would not even give it a case number.
    Then I had two units which were taken in a terrible way by us bank. I even clearly heard them say on the phone
    “well this one is disabled theres not much chance of her making more money”? I have reported them and I got how much I would accept one day and the next they told me I didnt have a case (the persons working could not understand or confirm the persons numbers – and they were wrong so I need to write in the HUD.
    Now this house we live in is just a SFR and the mortgage again is with Wachovia. They have denied me four times for the most ridiculous reasons its unbelieveable but I expected it because there was a wrongful termination case I won and they want rid of me.

    However, they are treating me disgracefully and I know its because I am disabled. I feel ashamed that they have denied me so many times for ridiculous things and its always the same, a 4506 was not signed and faxed in time it is shocking and very clear what they are doing so as I have very little money Ive had to get legal aid to assist me.
    Also my disability income is in two parts for myself and my son however the father has changed my address on many ocassions and had my sons monies routed to him and my son gets nothing of it.
    The father ultimatley thinks if they foreclose i would move back in with him – ha. Never?
    However with him yet again stealing my sons monies – even though there is a judges order stating he is to get nothing off it and dated 5/18/2011? However the Mission Viejo SSA in CA still proceeds to give it to the father as he is paying off his basketball buddy?

    So the father thinks he is on top of the world as Wachovia are wanting a print out of my sons bank account of his 960 and I can not get it so ultimatley the father will have us foreclosed and he is evil as my son loves my house as he has space, and the father has stolen appx $200K?

    Please help – how dare the father just ignore a judges order? Do I ask the clerk to send a letter to MV SSA office stating a judges order is final and includes all income of the persons stated you can not get support from but MV SSA just keep on changing it back andforth.
    The father is extremly dangerous and we had a very violent relationship for 12 years and got back for a very breif time and was blessed with my son who is beautiful however the father just uses my son to hurt me not thinking the amount of trauma he is causing my son.
    Also, he now works for Wachovia and the background he has for huge amt of ID Theft – and a investigator is working on a colossal one he done to my cousin?

    I was wondering if Wachovia HR could get him to transfer it back to me where it belongs for my son, and then once he has transferred it they would obviously fire him as he is going against the judges order and so in contempt of court?

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