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NCRC’s research analyses provide powerful tools for organizations seeking to understand and address patterns of lending in their communities. Analyses can determine how well a particular bank is serving the community with home mortgage or small business loans, and determine the number of high-cost/subprime loans received by minorities or low- and moderate-income borrowers as compared to other populations. NCRC provides comprehensive charts and color maps of neighborhood lending patterns to its member organizations. With assistance provided by NCRC’s legislative staff, our data analysis is used by members to work for fair lending and anti-predatory legislation on the local and national level.

NCRC also provides technical assistance for community groups wishing to utilize The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and fair lending laws to leverage more loans and investments for their neighborhoods. Banks receive ratings for their CRA performance. A low rating can delay a merger application while the bank documents to its regulatory agency how it will address weaknesses in its home or small business lending policies and practices. Community groups can comment on an upcoming CRA exam or merger application. These regulatory processes are powerful mechanisms to ensure that lending institutions are not discriminating, and are increasing safe and sound lending to minority and working-class communities. NCRC has helped its members influence CRA ratings of banks and increase their lending to traditionally underserved neighborhoods and populations.

Empowering Communities

NCRC’s Research department provides the latest updates and analyses of legislative and regulatory developments affecting the community investment field, The Community Reinvestment Act, the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA), the Equal Opportunity Act (ECOA), anti-predatory laws and other fair lending laws and regulations. Policy updates and action alerts are provided free to NCRC members and are disseminated via e-mail over our members-only listserv.

Through analysis of lending, demographic, and economic data, NCRC’s studies and pro bono analyses for member organizations identify lenders who are effectively serving minority and low- and moderate-income communities, as well as lenders who are failing to fulfill their CRA and fair lending obligations. NCRC examines trends in lending to low-and moderate-income working families and communities, then brings lenders and community groups together to identify credit needs and increase profitable lending and investment that meet the needs of those communities. NCRC also conducts studies for cities and public agencies focusing on home, small business, and community development lending.

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