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CDFI 101: CDFI Basics

Instructor: Sue Ortiz Join NCRC's National Training Academy (NTA) for CDFI 101: CDFI Basics! This training is part 1 in a three-part series that explores the entire ecosystem of CDFIs. Both this CDFI 101 and the CDFI 201 courses are prerequisites for the third training, CDFI 301, which will be in-person, in Las Vegas at […]

Racial Equity: A Journey of Understanding and Action

Join NCRC's National Training Academy on June 20 for Racial Equity: A Journey of Understanding and Action. Racism is a systemic issue that significantly impacts many aspects of life, including health, education, criminal justice, and the economy. Without a deep understanding of these issues, it can be difficult for individuals to recognize and address racism […]

Fast Track To Certification

Preparing for the HUD Housing Counseling Exam can be daunting when tackling it on your own. Research shows that working together in a collaborative environment allows individuals to learn the material better than when working alone. Join other housing counselors in this virtual experience where peer discussion, exploration of the six core topics on the […]

Becoming a HUD-Approved Housing Counseling Agency

Instructor: Siddeequah "Sid" Alvarado There are many things to take into consideration when aiming to become a HUD-Approved Housing Counseling agency. Organizations may apply as a Local Housing Counseling Agency, Intermediary, Multi-state organization, or as a state housing finance agency. But how does an agency determine which entity best describes them? What services should a […]

Remaking the Economy: Tenant Organizing in Unexpected Places

Join Nonprofit Quarterly on July 12 for the next installment of their Remaking the Economy series: Tenant Organizing in Unexpected Places. Spurred in part by COVID and by a growing housing affordability crisis, tenant organizing is picking up in not just expected places like New York, but in mid-sized cities like Austin and Baltimore, and […]

Gaining Ground: How the CFPB Helps Consumers and Small Businesses

A lot will happen this summer as it surrounds the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) and small business lending. Join the Center on Responsible Lending on July 17 from 12 pm ET to 1:45 pm ET for their webinar: Gaining Ground: How the CFPB Helps Consumers and Small Businesses. We will host two panels during […]

CDFI 201: Strategies and Practice

Join NCRC's National Training Academy (NTA) for CDFI 201: Strategies and Practice! This training is part 2 in a three-part series that explores the entire ecosystem of CDFIs. Participants must have completed CDFI 101 to enroll in the course. Both the CDFI 101 and this CDFI 201 courses are prerequisites for the third training, CDFI […]

Safety First: Counseling Through Difficult Situations

Instructor: Siddeequah "Sid" Alvarado Clients engage housing counselors when they need guidance. Housing counselors often serve as the first line of defense when individuals and families are facing housing and financial challenges. When working with a housing counselor, the information discussed during a session, such as losing a home or not being eligible for financial […]

CoreConnect 2023

Join NCRC's Chief of Community Finance and Mobility Marisa Calderon at CoreLogic's CoreConnect 2023. The housing economy is moving at an unprecedented pace. Meet with the experts and discuss the trends, analytics and innovations that are transforming the industry like never before. With a future rooted in data and technology-driven insights, CoreConnect 2023 will help […]

How to Utilize Artificial Intelligence for Effective Marketing Outreach

Instructor: Karen Hayes One of the hottest topics in recent months has been Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on the world, including marketing. What is AI and how it can improve your outreach to the communities you serve? AI has already begun to transform the way marketing is done in communities. Organizations must understand […]

NCRC President And CEO Jesse Van Tol To Host Webinar At The Economic Club Of New York

NCRC President and CEO Jesse Van Tol will join the Economic Club of New York on July 27 at 2:30 pm ET to share his expertise on inclusive economic policies, community development and finance. The discussion will also focus on promoting equitable access to economic opportunities and increasing investment in historically underserved communities.


Build “Big Company” Mobile Marketing Strategies On Small Budgets

Instructor: Karen Hayes Over 97% of adults in the US own a cell phone. But unlike desktops, iPads, and tablets, cell phones are almost always with them. Big companies often use mobile marketing – a common form of digital marketing - to leverage this unprecedented access to engage their audiences when they would be most […]

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