Posts about NCRC research.

Pro Bono Data Analysis

NCRC provides a variety of data analysis services to its members.   Valued in the thousands of dollars, these analyses describe overall home and small business lending trends on the state, local and neighborhood levels. NCRC members also receive analyses of the lending performance of specific lenders.

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Studies for Public Sector Agencies

NCRC has conducted several in-depth studies for public sector clients.   For the City of Philadelphia, PA, NCRC assessed the extent to which banks receiving City deposits were making home and small business loans in minority and working-class communities.  NCRC’s two studies for Philadelphia documented progress (an increase in home lending by the banks), identified stakeholders

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National Studies of Lending Trends

With new information in HMDA data concerning high-cost loans, NCRC has created a series of studies documenting that minorities, women and the elderly receive a disproportionate amount of high-cost or subprime loans.  When a group of borrowers receives a disproportionate amount of such loans, excessive fees, interest rates and other unfair practices become more likely,

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